Discover, Learn, Compete, and Share – My Tableau Journey

Respectively 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018

2015 – Discover

September 2015 – A new chapter in my life, I’m starting my professional journey by joining Actinvision as a Data Consultant. There are two reasons why I decided to join them:
– they were a recent and energic start-up focused on data in Strasbourg
– they were the only company in East of France to use Tableau, and the founder, Olivier Catherin, was famous in the community for creating a way to build a Sankey Diagram

After two weeks of intense training on SQL Server, Alteryx and, of course, Tableau, I published my very first visualization on Tableau Public “A small story of music” (in French) and started my first mission as a consultant with the Council of Europe.

2016 – Learn

January 2016 – I’m back on Twitter! Apparently, it’s the place to be to get Tableau news, advice and to share. I started following key people in the Tableau and dataviz network. My first followings were Ben Jones, Andy Kriebel, Andy Kirk, Chris Love, Robert Rouse, Moritz Stefaner, Alberto Cairo, Cole Knaflic, Matt Francis, Steve Wexler, Jeffrey Shaffer,…

With only four original tweets and two Tableau Public vizzes in 2016, I was clearly not the biggest contributor. However, I learned a lot. The number of Community Forum articles and blogs I read and Tableau Public visualization I downloaded and studied was massive. For that, I have to thank you, the Tableau Community. I never thought to find a software-related community so willing to help and share.

Professionally, I also had great challenges and experiences. As my skills in Tableau grew,  I was able to travel to Bordeaux, Lyon, Zurich, Singapore, and Sydney to teach and help clients around the world.

2017 – Compete

May 2017 – My first participation in the new Iron Viz Europe competition with the Beer in Europe visualization. At this time, my only will was to explore new ways of using Tableau. Working for clients is challenging, but often your creativity is limited by corporate design rules (let’s not mention the “Just make a big table, please” requests). Little did I knew that five months later I’ll be on the big stage in Las Vegas.

A funny viz about beer isn’t enough to make it to the Iron Viz final. However, the fallouts were bigger than expected. Tableau selected it as Viz Of the Day, and Eva Murray decided to print it on a gigantic poster for the Exasol bar at Tableau Conference London.

Boosted by this, I decided to start sharing my experience and knowledge in the local Tableau User Group, EuroTUG.

June 2017 – Let’s try the big Iron Viz this time, with Nelson Mandela’s moto in my mind: “I never lose. I either win or learn”. For this feeder, I decided to go wild (as the theme suggested), to focus on the storytelling, and add lots of easter eggs and interactivity. I still find it hard to believe when I take a look at other submissions like Russell Spangler’s one, but the 3rd July 2017, I won my ticket to the Tableau Conference and a spot on the final. My first known competitor, Joshua Milligan, is a Zen Master with thousands of followers (I had not even one hundred). Scary, incredible, but freaking amazing.

October 2017 – A few MakeOverMondays and Tableau Public vizzes later, here I am, at Mandalay Bay, the French outsider who has to tell a story about the US Housing Market in twenty minutes in front of thousands of people at the Iron Viz final, next to Joshua Milligan and Jacob Olsufka.

And then, this happened.

One thousand followers, two local newspapers articles (here and here), and dozens of pictures with strangers after, what should I do now? Share.

2018 – Share

January 2018 – Tableau gave me the opportunity to present a webinar to share the secrets behind building a dashboard in twenty minutes and, the same night, I spoke at the TUGParis.

The first half of the year was punctuated by several other TUG presentation, many tweets (if we compare to the previous years), blog articles, and other events like the Big Data salon in Paris and the CMIT forum.

This year, I also started to meet multiple Tableau Community famous people like David Pires, Annabelle Ricon, Elena Hristozova, and Chloe Tseng.

May 2018 – The first change in my professional life. I decided to quit Actinvision and join Ogury, as a Business Analyst. My role and focuses are entirely different: I’m no longer a consultant, and my job is to use our data to build studies (of course, using Tableau) for our clients. My focuses are on the story-telling, the simplicity, and the user experience.

October 2018 – Since I joined Ogury, I only published one new visualization, my resume, but no blog article, no webinar, no presentation… and yet I’m telling you that it’s the year of sharing! The past five months, I was working on the biggest and most difficult challenge I’ve ever had. It’s a project 100% focused on sharing, and it was finally finished the 1st October 2018.

I give you an appointment next Monday, the 8th October 2018, to discover the result and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

– Tristan Guillevin