#DATA19 Wrap-up and late night thoughts

There are many reasons why Tableau Conferences are amazing: the keynote, sessions, IronViz competition, Data Night Out… But the very best thing is definitely the people.

That’s why I never regret skipping a session just to hang out and chat.

That’s why I never regret staying too late every night to share drinks.

The sessions are recorded. The time you spend with the people isn’t.

And from all those conversations, I wanted to highlight two things dreams that could really become true one day and one topic that blew my mind.

TUG On Tour

The Tableau User Group is what puts the community together outside of the main conference. TUG leaders from all the different cities are doing an amazing job to find new content, speaker, and business case.

With Marian Eerens (@M_Eerens ) and Eugenia Kis (@talva_cz), we started to think that it would be quite cool to make a Tableau User Group On Tour. Visiting all the nice cities, learning from the different TUG leaders, and having a chance to connect with different communities and cultures.

What do you think?


Because DataDuo is already a thing.

Something I definitely want to do after this Tableau Conference Europe is starting collaborating with more people. The discussions with Amanda Patist (@amanda_patist ) and Ivett Kovacs (@IvettAlexa) convinced me that it’s the right path.

And let’s be honest, once you saw what Ludovic Tavernier (@ltavernier7) and Klaus Schulte (@ProfDrKSchulte) managed to build together, you just want to see more people doing that.

Another community project may be too much. #VizForSocialGood #DataForACause #MakeOverMonday #WorkOutWednesday #ProjectHealthViz #SportsVizSunday #IronQuest #IronViz… That’s quite packed already.

But a bit like with #SWDChallenge, it could consist of monthly challenges to collaborate with someone that could totally blend in existing projects.

Let me you know your thoughts.


Thank you for breaking my brain Merlijn Buit (@MerlijnBuit).

Merlijn’s session about Extensions showed me some of the craziest things I’ve seen with Tableau. And it definitely made me wants to learn how to bring even more magic into Tableau.

With two main ideas in mind, I hope to be able to contribute not only on Tableau Public, but also on Git starting very soon!

Thank you #DataFam, see you soon!