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  • Build a Voronoi Treemap in Tableau in two steps

    tl;dr1. Use this Observable Notebook to input your data and download the CSV result file.2. Download this Tableau Template and refresh the extract with the downloaded file. Introduction A few weeks ago, I discovered that you can convert any SVG element into a polygon. This means that you can convert any crazy visualization generated by […]

  • Build a Network Graph in Tableau in three steps

    tl;dr1. Get or create a JSON file with nodes and links structure like explained here by Yan Holtz.2. Use this Observable Notebook to input your JSON and download the two CSV files.3. Download this Tableau Template and refresh the extract with the downloaded files. Introduction Hello #datafam! Recently, I’ve created my first data visualization using […]

  • Build and deploy a Tableau Extension with React, Git, and Netlify

    In this first technical blog post, I’ll do my best to take you through the steps to create, build and deploy a Tableau Extension using Git, React, and Netlify. Before we start, you should know that Javascript, React and, in general, web development is not my main skill. I’m a Data Visualization Engineer, and I […]

  • #DATA19 Wrap-up and late night thoughts

    There are many reasons why Tableau Conferences are amazing: the keynote, sessions, IronViz competition, Data Night Out… But the very best thing is definitely the people. That’s why I never regret skipping a session just to hang out and chat. That’s why I never regret staying too late every night to share drinks. The sessions […]

  • Discover, Learn, Compete, and Share – My Tableau Journey

    Respectively 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 2015 – Discover September 2015 – A new chapter in my life, I’m starting my professional journey by joining Actinvision as a Data Consultant. There are two reasons why I decided to join them:– they were a recent and energic start-up focused on data in Strasbourg– they were the only company in […]

  • Let’s bust some IronViz feeder myths

    The IronViz Feeder contest. What a great event! Like always you can expect the best in terms of creativity and skills. But also, like always, a lot of people won’t participate.. for the wrong reasons. I participated to two IronViz feeder contests, one with my Beer viz and one with my Safari viz. Today it’s time to […]

  • An Iron-Interview

    A month ago, I participated in the IronViz competition. Here are some thought and advices for future competitors. This article is a short version with only my answers. But don’t hesitate to look at the full interview with Jacob and Joshua answers. How did you prepare for the competition? Tristan: After winning the IronViz Safari feeder, I started […]

  • A new adventure

    Dataviz Data visualization is one of my many passions. I do dataviz for my job (data consultant) and as a hobby. A hobby  that brought me to Las Vegas, where I participate and won the IronViz competition in front of more than 10 000 people. It was my first Tableau Conference, my first time in the […]